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Google Earth

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google earthWhat is Google Earth? (Go to Google-Earth)

Google-Earth is a computer-program by the Google Inc. for the visualisation of high-resolution images and other geographic data from Earth on your personal computer at home.

The program looks like an interactive map. You are able to change the point of view as well as to choose any magnification-factor.

The images allow for a realistic view from above rather than simply showing another set of schematic drawings.

Besides, these images may be enriched by additional data such as street names, names of places, historical information, anecdotes, etc.

In the meantime the program, which originated in the US also contains sets of high-resolution images of Europe and thus of Germany as well.

AllesIn and Google Earth

If you have installed Google Earth on your computer, you may download some business-data (name, description, street, town) and include it in your Google Earth.

You do not have to include the entire set of data. You may only include parts of it. For example only the results of a search for certain businesses previously conducted by you at AllesIn. You will find a special link on every search-result-page.

As an example, you may download the sight-Seeing data. These data contain the name, location, a short description of the sightseeing site plus a link to the official sightseeingsites homepage (or alternatively to the corresponding german wikipedia).

Google and Google Earth are Trademarks of Google Inc.
The Data of the AllesIn-Website and in the XML-Files are property of AllesIn. You can pass it on in unchanged form. A subsequent treatment oder change outside of Google Earth is not permitted.

Data for Google Earth

Google Earth

Integrieren Sie die AllesIn-Daten in Ihr Google Earth


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